By Jesse Ramírez

Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Vatos in Space: The Lowrider as Science Fiction

For working-class and working-poor Chicanos who don’t have the means or concrete opportunities for advanced technical education, lowriding is hacking a la mexicana, a practice that speculates on the meanings and functions of the American automobile, transforming it into a Mexican spaceship.

Review: Repeating Žižek

In his review of The Parallax View, Fredric Jameson noted that if all of Žižek’s books are read in sequence, “the larger concepts begin to emerge from the mist.” What are these larger concepts? What sort of system might they form?

Marcuse Among the Technocrats

From Schiller’s and Fourier’s reformulation of work as play to Marx’s speculations on postcapitalist production, ideas from the European tradition took on the life of real historical possibilities for Marcuse because he shared the hopes of American Left Technocrats writing about automated production in the opening decades of the twentieth century.

Looking Back at #OscarsSoWhite

When charging an economically unequal system with being racially opposed to equal opportunity becomes a dominant form of protest, then it seems to me quite natural — and disastrous — that various racial minorities will struggle with one another over which gets to be identified as the group to whom equal opportunity is most egregiously denied.